First Tesla, now BrewDog... Is this the end for IP?

The popular image of intellectual property has been tarnished by the rise of patent assertion entities and heavy-handed assertions of copyrights. Some argue that using legal rights to monopolise technologies is at odds with the emerging belief that collaboration is a more sustainable and fairer means of conducting business.

Indeed, some doubt whether monopoly protection for new ideas or works was ever necessary to encourage creativity in the first place. So a company's apparently anti-IP stance may attract media acclaim for its novelty. But it's also true that IP is sometimes over-valued.

This 15-minute video looks at the range of roles IP protection may play in the development and marketing of a business and why high profile gestures such as Tesla's and BrewDog's relinquishment of their monopoly rights may in fact be less radical than they seem.

Topics covered:

  • Background to BrewDog's and Tesla's IP strategies
  • The automotive industry's reaction to Tesla's decision
  • Situations where an open IP strategy might be helpful
  • Potential consequences of a closed IP strategy
  • Assessing the cost-benefit value of protecting your IP
  • Open source software's influence on collaborative working

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Date:Published Monday 20 June 2016
Duration:0.25 hours
CPD hours:0.5 hours

Lorna Brazell

Osborne Clarke

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