PSC Registers: A comprehensive guide

In this 24-minute video, Richard Barham explains what companies must do to fulfil their obligations to produce a register of people with significant control (PSC register).

Topics covered:

  • What's the gist of the new rules?
  • Why has this legislation been brought in?
  • What are the basic requirements?
  • Who is classed as a 'person with significant control'?
  • Which companies must keep a PSC register?
  • What information must a PSC register contain?
  • How does a company obtain the information for its register?
  • What information must be filed at Companies House?
  • What are a company's ongoing obligations?
  • What happens if a company doesn't comply?
  • What should a company do if a PSC or relevant legal entity (RLE) doesn't comply?
  • How much of an impact will the new rules have?
  • What should companies be doing now?

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Date:Published Monday 06 June 2016
Duration:0.5 hours
CPD hours:0.5 hours
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