Lease Costs Clauses - Drafting and litigating

Alexander Bastin from Hardwicke explains how you can help a landlord to successfully recover their legal costs using lease costs clauses.

Topics covered:

  • The benefits of a clear understanding of lease costs clauses
  • A landlord's options for the recovery of costs
  • Why landlords ought not to rely on the CPR
  • The advantages of relying upon a costs clause
  • The courts approach to the construction of lease costs clauses
  • How a lease costs clause works in practice
  • Circumventing the small claims track and tribunal no-costs rules
  • Tactics if a tenant initiates First-tier Tribunal proceedings
  • What conveyancers can learn from recent case law

Cases referenced:

  • Chaplair Ltd v Kumari [2015] EWCA Civ 798
  • Forcelux Ltd v Binnie (Costs) [2009] EWCA Civ 1077
  • Investors Compensation Scheme Ltd v West Bromwich Building Society (No.1) [1998] 1 W.L.R. 896
  • Sella House Ltd v Mears (1989) 21 H.L.R. 147
  • Iperion Investments Corp v Broadwalk House Residents Ltd (1995) 27 H.L.R. 196
  • St Mary's Mansions Ltd v Limegate Investment Co Ltd [2002] EWCA Civ 1491
  • Plantation Wharf Management Co Ltd v Jackson [2011] UKUT 488 (LC)
  • Gomba Holdings (UK) Ltd v Minories Finance Ltd (No.2) [1993] Ch. 171
  • Church Commissioners for England v Ibrahim [1997] 1 E.G.L.R. 13
  • Barratt v Robinson [2014] UKUT 322 (LC)
  • Assethold Ltd v Watts [2014] UKUT 537 (LC)

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Date:Published Monday 23 November 2015
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