Impact of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 on Judicial Review

The Government has brought in a number of changes to the funding and procedure for judicial review claims. The most recent are contained in Part 4 (sections 84-92) of the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015.

Judicial review has developed as a way for the court to enforce the rule of law against Government departments, local authorities and other public bodies. It's considered an important mechanism by which individuals can enforce their rights, ensuring that public authorities act lawfully and within their legal powers.

The Government introduced this legislation in response to concerns it had over how judicial review was operating.

Topics covered in this half-hour video include:

  • Key changes introduced by the Act
  • The 'substantially different outcome' test
  • Provision and use of financial information
  • Concerns regarding interveners and costs
  • Capping of costs
  • Costs capping in environmental cases
  • New procedures for planning cases
  • Anticipated consequences of the changes

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Date:Published Thursday 13 August 2015
Duration:0.5 hours
CPD hours:0.5 hours

Tim Baldwin

Garden Court Chambers

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