Shareholder Meetings and the Shareholder Rights Directive

This 30-minute masterclass covers the common law and statute for holding shareholder meetings, including developments introduced by the Shareholder Rights Directive 2007 and a look at the proposed amendments to that Directive.

Topics include:

  • The legal background to shareholder meetings
  • The background to UK corporate governance
  • Changes introduced by the Shareholder Rights Directive
  • Examples where shareholders have requisitioned meetings or resolutions
  • Proposed amendments to the Shareholder Rights Directive

Cases referred to include:

  • Tiessen v Henderson
  • Baillie v Oriental Telephones
  • Carruth v ICI
  • Byng v London Life Association

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Date:Published Wednesday 01 October 2014
Duration:0.5 hours
CPD hours:0.5 hours
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