Piercing the Corporate Veil

'Piercing the corporate veil' is a term often bandied about by practitioners. But what does it mean? And when is it available?

Following on from the Supreme Court's decision in Prest v Prest [2013] 2 AC 415, Gregory explores:

-- What piercing the corporate veil really means
-- What the current state of the law is
-- What is and what isn't piercing the corporate veil
-- Why it's important for practitioners to understand this concept and its uses
-- The impact of Prest going forwards

Other cases referred to include:

-- Salomon v Salomon & Co Ltd
-- Adams v Cape Industries Plc
-- Woolfson v Strathclyde RC
-- Gencor ACP Ltd v Dalby
-- Trustor AB v Smallbone (No.2)
-- Gilford Motor Co Ltd v Horne
-- Jones v Lipman

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Date:Published Wednesday 25 June 2014
Duration:0.5 hours
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Maitland Chambers

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