Privileged Position

Privilege has a reputation - in some cases justified - of being a complicated and difficult area.

In this 25-minute session Jan-Jaap Baer and David Thomas cut through the complexity and set out some helpful pointers to bear in mind when considering legal professional privilege issues.

The topics they cover include:

  • The key tests that need to be satisfied for a claim to legal professional privilege to succeed
  • Some practical tips to ensure that privilege in a document is maintained
  • The differences between legal advice privilege and litigation privilege, and some practical effects of those differences

And the cases examined are:

  • Starbev GP Ltd v Interbrew Central European Holding BV [2013] EWHC 4038 (Comm)
  • Three Rivers DC v Bank of England (Disclosure) [2003] Q.B. 1556

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Date:Published Friday 03 October 2014
Duration:0.5 hours
CPD hours:0.5 hours

Jan-Jaap Baer

Travers Smith

David Thomas

Travers Smith

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